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Hear the music. Feel the music. Live the music.

Music: The air that we breathe.
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Music's the bomb diggity.
We're currently under construction to suit your musical needs. This doesn't mean you can't join, though. Go right ahead. Be our friend and family member. Then post your heart out. All we are trying to do right now is get a better look and layout and other jazz like that. If you have any ideas or graphics and such that you want us to use, just post or send the mod a comment. Woot. - Jan. 10th, 07

Community info:

  • Current icon by _killingxcupid
  • Created 4/24/04


  • The community is all about the music that rocks, hence the name 00Music_Rocks00. So, talk about how stuff is rocking, not how it's sucking.
  • Yes, you can advertise here. Just don't spam about other communities non stop, just every once in a while sure, just make sure they have to do with music. Non music related ones will have to go bye-bye.
  • If rules are broken, we have the right to kick you out, delete your posts, or beat you with a plank of wood, a very thick plank of wood, with a nail in it. Hmm... does that sound too harsh? Whoops...

    LJ-cut it.
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    Show the love.
    Instead of making out with the screen, all you gotta do is post a banner, showing that you dig us.

    All about the music that rocks.

    The music that rocks and rolls.

    Music is life.

    Music equals Awesome

    Music + Me = Forever.

    Have any graphics, ideas, layouts, or bands you'd like to add to our list down yonder? Just hit us up. Post your thoughts or send the mod a comment.